Friday, March 21, 2014

How To Make Natural Linen Spray, Room Freshener, Face Toner With Essential Oils & Witch Hazel ~ Eco- Green DIY

I  was dazzled recently by a natural linen and room spray my mom and I bought at her local farmers market.

Misting them on all her linens, fabric blinds and upholstered furniture I effortlessly turned her abode into an aromatic, mood-balanced confection of lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, and tangerine.

Imagine my glee when I finally read the labels and learned the aromatherapy sprays do double duty as hydrating face mists.

Intrigued by their short, sweet ingredient lists, I was inspired to research how to make the sprays on my own. And now you can, too, if you've the time and are so inclined! They make great gifts for housewarmings, bridesmaid parties, and other occasions.

Add all ingredients to glass spray bottle, shake well. VOILA!!! 

Oil Combinations to Try:

It really is anything goes as far as combinations of scents, so have fun, but DO make sure you purchase REAL essential oils and NOT perfume oils. 
  • rosemary and lavender
  • tangerine and sandalwood
  • lemon and vetiver
  • pine and orange
  • vanilla and lime
  • rosewood and patchouli
  • rose absolute and benzoin

*photo credits: sandalwood by flickr member sunphlo, witch hazel by flickr member zimpenfish
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