Saturday, April 16, 2011

how to make envelopes from old new york magazines - "best cleaning service" eco-friendly ms. green-clean

Blame it on an early morning coffee binge and Pandora radio. Something made me choose the Linda Ronstadt station instead of the old-lady Bach station I usually listen to. The first song that plays is "Willin'" and I'm immediately thrust back to 1974 Oxford, Ohio, the quaint college town where I grew up a latchkey kid, the middle sibling of three. It's summer, my older sister, younger brother and I are barefoot and hanging out with Penny and Judy, wise, beautiful college students who live in the gray house across the alley from us. I worship them. We're listening to Linda Ronstadt and making envelopes from old magazine pages. Peace and love surround us. Even at conservative Miami University there are college students streaking naked in the streets, flying their freak flags, questioning authority.

Fade back to this morning, I'm writing in my journal and drinking coffee by a window, my daily ritual. I'm moved to turn on Pandora and moments after hearing Linda's lovely voice, I'm up from my seat and fishing a recently-read issue of New York Magazine from recycling, playing on the floor making envelopes, bathed in some of the best memories from my childhood.

When you gift yourself still, non-productive time, memories and music can make you green. Give it a try!

P.S. - Making envelopes from old magazines is a great interdisciplinary craft to share with kids or do for yourself! There really are no mistakes you can make. I un-did an old envelope I re-use for various tasks just to visualize what needed to be cut away. I carefully tore a page from the magazine, folded it in fours, cut snow-flake style, then taped three of the four flaps. Voila!

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