Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hand Paper Shredder, Made by Humans, Non-electric, No Battery Needed

I discovered this ingeniously designed, toothpaste tube-sized hand paper shredder recently. It uses no electricity or batteries and for those of you, like me, who strive to be green and who need a shredder, but don't have piles to process and don't want another furniture-size appliance to clutter your office or home, there is nothing better. Mine sits on my desk right next to my pen holder.

To use it, you simply hold over your recycling receptacle, fold paper in half lengthwise, insert into slot, and turn the ends in opposite directions. The linguini-like ribbons come out the other side. It's designed by Made By Humans and can be purchased here for $23.99.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Made Of New York - Handmade Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Eco-friendly & Sustainable

I just came across this smart new local and eco-friendly furniture company and am so excited by what they're doing I had to share it with my readers and clients right away.

Made of New York is the business name and directly from their website is this description of what they're doing:

"Made of New York is a collection of home essentials inspired by everyday life and the fundamental simplicity and functionality that is so typical for NYC. Each piece is hand built using reclaimed authentic Manhattan timber that we salvage from old buildings in the city." Visit them online at

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