Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stove-Top Homemade Simmering Potpourri Recipe Ideas For Cold Weather & Holidays - Scent Your Home Naturally

The nostalgic, homey feeling of cooler fall days always gets me thinking of domestic projects. One I love, and certainly an easy atmosphere-changer to pull off, is whipping up a pot of homemade, simmering potpourri to fill your home with inviting, healing natural scents. It CAN be a great way to re-use certain items before retiring them to your compost, and it's healthier and more eco-friendly than using the grocery store-style, chemically scented, and petroleum-based aroma candles and diffusers.

The variations are endless, and in my opinion you really can't go wrong. I've provided a few ideas for inspiration, and notice I don't put amounts. In general, the rule is a little goes a long way. Experiment and have fun this holiday season with mixing your own scent-sational potpourris!

How To: Fill pot 3/4 full with water, add ingredients. Put on back burner to low-simmer. Check from time to time, refill with water when necessary. Make sure to turn off when you leave your home and when sleeping.

Recipe Idea #1
Cinnamon Stick

Recipe Idea #2
Lemon Peel or Rind Remains After Juicing
Cinnamon Stick
Bay Leaves

Recipe Idea #3
Rose Petals
Vanilla Bean

Recipe Idea #4
Mint Leaves - Dried or Fresh
Orange Peel or Rind Remains After Juicing

Recipe Idea #5
Apple Core And/Or Peel

Recipe Idea #6
Star Anise
All Spice

Recipe Idea #7
Cardamom Pods
Lemon Peel or Rind Remains After Juicing

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